Career Technical Education holds open house

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RCC’s Automotive Program reaches out to students

By Isaiah Morrow

A Career Technical Education Open House held at Riverside City College’s automotive shop, showcased RCC’s automotive classes, career information, and advertisement for companies funding the event.

Entailing multiple enticing elements such as a car show, career workshop, new automotive products, and free food, the open house hoped to attract more than just curious students. Companies partnering with the RCC’s automotive shop for example Chariotz, helped to sponsor the event and were eager to advertise their company.

The open house began at 9 a.m. on April 30th and stretched throughout the day. The car show displayed a wide array of modified automobiles, which continued grow in size as the event went on. Products such as the PowerAll® a portable jump starter and new improved car cleaning tools were displayed at the company booths.

The event was not only meant to attract students to the automotive industry, but to endorse new products and advertise for growing companies. Wilfred Martis, founder of the company Chariotz, explained that the significance of the event for him and his colleagues was to get exposure for his company and showcase evolving technology such as their phone app.

Martis hoped that students who came to the event curious about the automotive industry would overcome their misconception of the technical field of automotive education.

“People think that if they get into the automotive space all you do is change oil and engines or clean valves,” Martis said. “It’s not all about just going into an auto shop with wrenches and bolts, there is a lot of additional technology that can go into this.”

Skyler Murdock, president of the RCC Auto Club, said he believed that with everything showcased at the open house, this event could draw the attention of any automotive enthusiast and more importantly new or current students enrolled in this curriculum.

Eddie Meza, currently enrolled in automotive curriculum at RCC, explained that he thought that the event would be a good experience for those who might want to jump into the automotive industry.

Students such as Meza said events like the CTE Open House help to solidify their intent to pursue a career in the automotive field and overall entail a large selection of features to appeal to many attendees.

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