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Club Rush shuts down early due to weather change

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Posted: September 15, 2015 | Written by: Tyler Reese

Hundreds of Riverside City College students were swarming around easy-ups for the bi-annual Club Rush event which took place on Sept. 8-9.

Day one of Club Rush consisted of a scorching summer sun and bewildered freshman roaming a busy Terracina Drive covered with various club representatives filling the street from the Quadrangle to the Landis Performing Arts Center.

“No clubs really attracted me, but it’s a valuable event where new students can find their niche or passion while attending RCC,” said RCC student Michael Shanley.

Adding to the event’s atmosphere was music being played from one of ASRCC’s tables located by the quadrangle. Another one of ASRCC’s tables were giving away snacks and lemonade to students who happened to be passing by. The Sweet Stop a popular food truck at RCC was also present at the event selling funnel cakes smoothies and other delectable delights.

Day two of Club Rush welcomed students with very humid heat and a lingering stale air with thunder clouds rumbling off in the distance. There were less clubs present the second day of Club Rush than the first day. The Sweet Stop was there for the last day of the event as well.

“Honestly, I think Club Rush is an awesome event because it basically offers what clubs the college has and what programs are available to get active in school,” said Arturo Rubi, an RCC student. “Without Club Rush us students would miss out on so much that the college as to offer.”

Not to long into the second day of Club Rush at approximately 1 p.m. the weather took a turn for the worst within minutes changing from hot and sunny to cold, windy and raining. Soon after the rain started, lighting could be seen within the storm clouds and the roar of the thunder could be heard throughout the campus. Clubs were scrambling to breakdown their set-ups and get indoors as the onslaught of rain and wind took over the campus.

“Even though the weather changed really fast and closed down Club Rush it’s very good for Riverside to get this rain, we need this type of weather and resource since we are in a drought,” said RCC student Ahmad Yasin. “It kinda sucks for the clubs though since they had to pack up everything early and call it quits because of the weather.”

Shortly after the clubs closed down their stands the true nature of the storm settled over RCC’s campus and continuously drenched the college. The Riverside Community College District sent out a mass alert e-mail at 1:48 p.m. informing students that the National Weather Service issued severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings for Riverside county until 5:30 p.m.

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