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Two felony arrests made by RCCD Police

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Posted: April 29, 2015 | Written by Crystal Olmedo

Two felony arrests were made by Riverside Community College District Police within a two week period in mid March for threatening gestures.

The first occurrence was on March 18 when an email from a 22 year-old male, who claimed to be a former student, threatened physical harm and sexual violence to 55 year-old female instructor.

The second occurrence was a week later on March 24 when a 30 year-old male student at RCC repeatedly sent threatening letters and gifts and stalked a 36 year-old female RCC student. A warrant for his arrest was issued and he was taken into custody.

Both perpetrators were apprehended, booked and are in custody.

Students are advised to report similar crimes and be aware that posts on social media including the words Riverside City College and the like, are monitored for keywords that are violent in nature or questionable, according to Jim Miyashiro, RCCD chief of police. RCCD police also investigate anonymous tips.

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