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Committee names new building after district founder

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The Facilities Recognition and Naming Committee voted unanimously to name the proposed Student Services and Administration Building after former superintendent Charles A. Kane.

“Kane’s vision of having a three campus district has been one of the most significant events in the history of the college,” student services said in a statement supporting Kane’s nomination.

“We would not be able to meet the needs of the district or serve the number of students we currently serve without his vision and leadership.”

Kane was nominated in 2009 to the FRNC to brand any building that might arise in the future. After consideration by the committee in 2010, and again in 2012, it was decided to postpone the decision because the FRNC didn’t have a building that needed a name at that time.

With the proposed construction of the Student Services and Administration Building the committee will recognize Kane’s contribution to the Riverside Community College District and Riverside City College. The new building will name a wing after the current administration building’s namesake to uphold O.W. Noble’s contribution in history.

Why Kane?

It was Kane who negotiated the acquisition of the Moreno Valley and Norco college campuses at virtually no cost to the district during his time as superintendent from 1978-1992.

He pursued the development and formed the committees that oversaw construction of the additional colleges that would later be converted to one district by Chancellor Salvatore Rotella.

Kane also implemented the planning committees that developed the teaching structures and composed the college’s
value statements.

Kane built the strong foundation for our current sports programs by building fields and teams, and supported the band by bringing the Marching Tigers to RCC.

“One striking accomplishment is Riverside’s Sports Hall of Fame,” said Ronald Loveridge, Director for the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development.

“Without Kane’s superb leadership, this effort would not have been successful.”

Kane appointed Gary Schultz to head the performing arts department and Landis Auditorium, who formed the Performance Riverside group that still performs in Riverside.

Kane was also responsible for appointing Jan Schall as head of the international department which he spearheaded. Schall is currently head of the study abroad program.

Kane built the framework for several other departments that are still crucial to the functions and purpose of RCC and RCCD, and the waves from his actions can still be detected throughout the school, and embedded in the culture.

The building plans have been completed and approved, and the new building is expected to be completed in 2015.

Image courtesy of Jim Parsons
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