Cal State puts freeze on students

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By Staff Editorial

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By Staff Editorial

“Nowhere to go” seems to be the only thought running through many community college students’ minds.

Last month, Cal State University officials announced the state college system will put a freeze on enrollment to deal with its budget cut fiasco starting in the spring.

The Cal State system already has cut $750 million in funding in the current academic year.

Eight Cal State campuses will be accepting several hundred students transferring from community colleges next spring, which includes Fullerton, Chico, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

With the pressure to finish as soon as possible at the community college level, students now have to look ahead and find a different route to get themselves into a Cal State school.

As Cal States choose to put a freeze on their enrollments, community college students now have to spend more time finding alternative universities such as private or out of state college.

The average community college student is going to have a difficult challenge to be accepted into private universities , such as the University of Southern California and Stanford, or will need to spend an extra year applying for out- of- state universities.

The extra year will take its toll on students looking to transfer to alternative universities, because most students have been spending the past two years taking classes that transfer to the Cal State universities.

The cost of private colleges and out of state colleges also will be a burden to students as most cannot afford the enormous tuition rates at those universities.

Along with high school students looking to enroll into community colleges where they are turning away over 600,000 students, community colleges are feeling the same effect as they are the next batch of students being turned away from the Cal State system.

Many students are looking for ways to express their stress at what is going on with the education system in California, and there is no sense of thought of who is to put the blame on.

With all the other cuts taking place in the state, every one is not pleased that their organizations or programs are being limited in funding and students need to express their displeasure to the state about how it is taking away funding and resources from educations.

Students across the state have to realize their future is at stake, and the state is not supporting their education.

One thing that stays with students is the education they receive.

No one can take the education away that someone acquired, and if students continue to allow the state to do what it wants then eventually the students will be allowing California to take their education.

The time is changing in today’s world, where the current generation has to deal with multiple issues that are preventing them from succeeding in education and live a pleasant life like past generations did.

Students need to start thinking out of the box and explore different options to finish their education such as leaving California or even the country to finish their education since Sacramento refuses to listen.

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