A perfect America

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By Staff Editorial

By Staff Editorial

America needs to come out again and change its ways of handling foreign policy.

It is already all dominating, and everyone knows it. So why is she still trying to prove it?

This was not what America was supposed to be about when it was first founded as a nation.

Domestically, America is the home of the brave and land of the free. Americans do not tolerate hatred within their own society, so why do we conduct ourselves with such hostility when it comes to other countries’ societies and ways of life?

It should no longer be about the survival of the fittest, but the unity of all people. People should try to survive together and just maintain to coexist.

Yet, America remains to maintain its image as the “fittest.”

They say, the only animal that will fight to the very end is man and it’s true. Even faced with impending death man will fight until his life is forced from his cold dead corpse.

The strongest always wins.

In today’s society there are many foreign targets who are being dominated by the United States who at this point in time reigns as the “supreme force.”

President Bush recently spoke about a free Islam in one of his speeches.

How is Islam free when America is watching every single move anyone those countries make?

America has always had a problem of trying to help a fellow country, but then ending up dominating it.

America seems to have a super ego, maybe a superiority complex.

So the president orders American troops to kill and destroy people who are identified as terrorists in other countries, and then he calls it justice.

Keep this in mind: These other countries did not ask for our help in the first place. We just showed up uninvited, like the “Big Brother” always does.

Unfortunately, America, being the dominant force that it is, has made some enemies along the way.

America has been the victim of many acts of violence and hatred, such as Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11, and even from within its borders citizens had waged war against each other trying to become the dominant force during the Civil War.

Our hatred for those people of other countries that we seem not to understand or even tolerate can have devastating and catastrophic consequences as our past has proven.

Our reputation for being “Big Brother” seems to precede us all too often. America’s reputation as the “good neighbor” is beginning to diminish.

Outsiders of the United States may see us as stuck up and bigoted, too worried about domination and survival to see the bigger picture.

All domination issues aside, the choice that Americans have today is to stop using violence as a weapon to establish peace.

There are two things that the human population is always doing: dying and being born.

Too some people, this life cycle is common knowledge, and to others, it may just be the way of the world.

The only thing is that too many people have died because of hatred within our nation and the world around us, and too many are being born into a world of hatred, discrimination and prejudice.

You know the sad thing is: that we as human beings accept this way of life and do nothing to change it.

The one tool that is given to man to live in a world such as this is the will to survive. In fact, the will to survive is encoded into our DNA. But alongside will, humans also have the capacity to be compassionate and kind.

If and when America does come to another country’s aide, then it should act peacefully, just as we would want another country to act in ours. This should be the goal: To be peaceful to those less fortunate than the United States as well coexisting as best it can with those that we live with.

Now that would be a perfect America.

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