Salvation in the form of concrete

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By David Morris

The new parking structure is slated to be finished in November 2006, a few months ahead of schedule. (Chris Dietrich)

By David Morris

A four story, 1,100 capacity parking structure is rising from the ground on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Terracina Avenue.

The once depression in the ground is molding itself with concrete and steel into a much desired parking structure that is slated to greatly ease the perpetual parking struggle at Riverside City College. It is scheduled to be finished by November.

The structure cost around $20 million, funded by Measure C. Measure C was voted in to give $350 million to help with the cost of upgrading many facilities on campus. Music, Nursing and Sciences, Stadium, Lovekin and Quadrangle were funded by Measure C.

The parking structure will provide many amenities that help facilitate sports, security and parking.

The top of the structure will hold seven full size competition tennis courts and will be used extensively for the many sports activities on campus.

Access to the parking structure will be limited in that Magnolia will have an exit only, Terracina will allow an entrance only and two-way traffic on the ground floor in Lot Y.

Two elevators will be available for use on both ends of the structure.

Emergency phones will be placed throughout as well as metered parking.

The addition of the parking structure would add 1,100 parking spaces to the already 3,100 spaces in existence, bringing the total to 4,200 available parking spaces.

Parking Services will be hiring 20 percent more Community Service officers to help patrol the new spaces.

The parking structure will also come fashioned in the latest closed-circuit television that will be monitored in two locations, at the structure complex itself and at the dispatch center.

The parking structure will be locked up at night to ensure that it is transient proof and help protect vehicles that are left overnight for student functions.

According to Parking Director Sgt. Richard Henry, Parking Services are looking forward to the addition of this new structure.

Now that college is in its second month of classes parking has lightened up considerably.

Henry attributes that to students who are serious about their college are rewarded for sticking it out till after the drop period.

Even though parking in the beginning of the session isn’t easy, Parking Services guaranteed a place to park, even if it meant parking in Evan’s field.

“Parking at RCC isn’t about it being convenient for the student. Our primary concern is getting you a place to park,” Henry said.

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