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Muhammed cartoons are protected under free speech

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By Staff Editorial

By Staff Editorial

Recently, there has been a cartoon about the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. It started with a newspaper in Denmark. The cartoon showed a caricature of the Muslim prophet with a bomb on his head as his turban. More cartoons have been released along side this one.

Now, the cartoons have spread like wild fire across the world. Ambassadors from Denmark that were in the Middle East have been called back home for their safety. Angry Palestinians attacked the armed Hamas declaring war on Denmark.

This cartoon that is seen by Muslims as blasphemous, is merely a joke stated by the Danish paper. They have every right to state its opinion and its views. No one can control the opinion of a free man anymore than they can control the weather.

Why should the view of one person or newspaper affect the views and opinions of another?

If you can think and make your own decisions, why should one opinion matter to you?

To decide how you should see a person or people, based on what you see from caricature is not only simple minded, but also says that you make decisions based on other peoples views. The Danish press has the right to free speech just as much as the American press.

They should not be exempted from their opinions and views just because it’s a “touchy subject” now. You can’t ban anyone’s opinion, anymore than you can ban a world religion. Our First Amendment, states that we have the right to free press, free religion, the freedom to assemble and the freedom to petition.

If you don’t like the way something is, it’s your right to try to change it. If someone says something you don’t want to hear, then simply don’t listen, it’s always your right to do so. It’s your right to do and say what you think and how you feel.

What good is it to live in a free world, if you can’t exercise those freedoms?

The media may say one thing, but it is always your right to think another way. Live by the freedoms that you have been granted, not by the decisions that are made for you.

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