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Chew The Clock Podcast 10 – Assessing Expectations

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Episode description

Welcome back! This week’s episode is all about expectations. Hayden Kulick joins the show to talk with Peter about which Riverside City College teams met their expectations and who stood out from each team. Peter also will take a look at professional sports and headlines from around the world.

Time stamps:

An undefeated season but still more to go. (Football- 1:00)

Great seasons with disappointing ends. (Men’s and women’s water polo- 2:26)

Close finishes to competitive games. (Women’s volleyball- 3:48)

Hot starts for basketball. (Men’s and women’s basketball- 4:27)

One last race for the year. (Men’s and women’s cross country- 5:16)

Discussing expectations and results. (Hayden Kulick discussion- 5:30)

Underperforming teams in SoCal. (Local sports- 20:47)

Headlines and upcoming events. (Global sports- 24:55)

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