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Riverside voters show up despite inclement weather

A voter braves the cold and rainy election day to come out and vote in the 2022 midterm elections at Orrenmaa Elementary School on Nov 8. Stephen Day | Viewpoints

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By Alondra Montes-Martinez

The election process seemed to go smoothly for most who chose to vote in person at the Riverside Main Library downtown Nov. 8.

Ballots were mailed to voters in October for those who chose to vote by mail.  

The majority of voters — mail-in or absentee voters had to have their ballots in the mail by election day —waited until the last minute to mail in their ballots or vote in person. 

The rain didn’t seem to stop many from hurrying to the polls on election day, according to a poll worker at the County Registrar of Voters office located at Riverside Gateway. 

According to Jackie D. from the main voters office at Riverside Gateway the weather caused the computer system to crash for a few minutes. This didn’t stop the turnout of voters.  

“There were a lot of people out tonight,” she said. “The line wrapped around the building.” 

This weather didn’t stop Bianka Lopez from arriving and dropping off her ballot. 

“It’s important to vote, we have to look out for our community,” Lopez said. “I’m here to do so.” 

Married couple Amy and Luke Lopez arrived on a tandem bicycle ready to mail in their ballots.

They traveled through the light rain that began the morning of election day. 

“It’s important to vote, it’s our constitutional right,” Luke Lopez said.

Justin Corrales — who enjoys placing his vote on election day — expressed the importance to vote, especially since not all of us have that constitutional right. 

“I still encourage in-person voting, ” Corrales said. “I think it’s the best and safer way to do it without going down a rabbit hole.”

Election results will be in by Dec. 16.

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