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RCC’s HalloweenTown proves to be a yearly success

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By Carlos Ayala Santa Ana

A haunted maze, creative costumes and an overload of candy decorated Riverside City College’s annual Halloween Town event.

Children were able to get their Halloween experience a few days early at the community affair held on Oct. 29.

Kona Ice truck and other vendors provided food and other treats. 

Campus clubs organized many attractions for the event, including a haunted maze and costume contest.

The costume contest was open for anyone confident enough in their dress-up skills and although the winners have yet to be announced, all who participated had fantastic costumes on.

RCC’s own marching band treated attendees to a stellar performance.

The band delivered a phenomenal show, performing several songs fitting to the season spirit, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” All members of the band were in tune with one another and the echo of their instruments in the Quadrangle building on campus only helped elevate them as the performance was quite roaring.

The main attraction for guests was the spooky maze. Guests were guided through the Quad and received candy from many of the RCC clubs and resource programs. The decorations found all over the event included essential Halloween props such as fog machines, bright purple lights and fake cobwebs. The event was much more than a trick-or-treating site and has proven to be a success each year.

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