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Drag show leaves students spooked in time for Halloween

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By Jazmyn De Jesus

Drag queens left Riverside City College students spooked and entertained in the cafeteria just in time for Halloween on Oct. 27. Laughs, screams and cheers filled the space as the queens lip-synced to hits in their best ghoulish attire.

The Sexuality and Gender Acceptance club (SAGA) held the show not only to celebrate the holiday but to showcase and represent LGBTQIA2S+ talent on campus. The show also provided a space for members of the community at RCC to feel celebrated.

Lila Rodriguez, student at RCC and SAGA club member, said they felt really supported by their club through the event.

“In high school, I struggled a lot,” they said. “But I’ve finally found a community where I belong.”

Anita Rose, the host, did not perform until 40 minutes after the start time due to “running on drag time.” They warmly welcomed the audience in a zombie girl-scout costume.

Rose had the audience laughing throughout the show by cracking jokes at the audience, pop culture and the other queens present.

The event also served as a costume contest that was open to all students.

Jenifer Prichard, RCC student, had decided to participate in the costume contest at the last minute as a way to show off what she had been learning in her makeup and costume design course.

Students who participated said these events promote a welcoming community space on campus.

“I feel a lot more interconnected on this campus,” Prichard said.

For the first round of performances, queens Athena Kills, Kelly K Doll and Luxury Liaison gave the audience dark and exciting outfits that dazzled along with their choreography. Kills resembled Storm from X-men, Doll cosplayed as Daphne from Scooby-Doo and Liaison put her own spin on a devilish gown with a horn-shaped wig.

The second round of performances was more horror inspired, as Doll and Liaison doused themselves in fake blood mid-performance. 

However, Kills stole the show by shocking the audience with a terrifying monkey head and corset, resembling a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz.

“Bet you got more than you bargained for!” Anita Rose said as she greeted the stunned audience following the last performance.

The event closed with the costume contest.

The top three best costume winners received Starbucks gift cards.

After the queens said their goodbyes students were free to greet them and take pictures before closing out another spectacular SAGA drag show on campus.

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