Summer fashion and beauty essentials to keep your break fun n’ fresh

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By Alyssa Cadena

As summer approaches and everyone prepares to go out more with friends and family, you must know which fashion and beauty products will keep you feeling protected, fresh and free during hot days.

These fashion and beauty products are key for summer ’22 fun.

Midi dresses have become a classic summer closet staple. Their loose fit and unique designs are best when walking to the beach or going to the farmers market on a warm day.

Floral midi skirts paired with any type of camisole are the ultimate cheat code to staying fashionable at any event. The midi skirt gives off a clean and effortless look that feels comfortable through long walks.

Liquid blush is a game-changer. It gives a natural tint to the cheeks for more natural looks. The most popular liquid blush right now is the Benefit Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Stain and Tint. This product brightens the cheeks for a healthy glam looking.

Hair clips are the perfect accessory to pair with an up-do hairstyle. Hair clips can go with you everywhere and are convenient to clip onto the hair whenever.

Denim shorts are an automatic essential for the summer. They pair easily with any top of your choice. Denim shorts are easy to plan outfits around and don’t cause much stress when going out with friends.

Body lotion is necessary for days after returning from the beach and pool where your skin tends to be dry and you need to repair your skin. The CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Body and Face Lotion is perfect to keep in your bag. 

With warm days coming, the skin will dry, and this moisturizer provides the proper hydration needed to combat that dryness.

Sunscreen is essential for any day outside to prevent any sun damage or sunburn. Sunscreens can range from high to low prices, including a higher option from Supergoop’s Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40 which is $36, and a cheaper option from the Pacifica’s Vegan Collagen SPF 30 leading to $19.

Sunglasses are like a “duh” summer essential to carry with you at all times. The summer sun can be powerful but a pair of sunglasses can tone down the magnitude. 

A classic pair of glasses can match any outfit, but colorful sunglasses can add a pop of color to elevate an outfit as well. Try experimenting with complementing and contrasting colors for the perfect vibe.

Tote bags are great for traveling and carrying all the products that are important to you. They can also store swimsuits and towels on pool days. It’s the perfect summer bag.

Wedge sandals have become popular this summer for their strappy and platform look. These sandals can be paired with any dress or skirt for any occasion. 

It’s good to have staple shoes in the summer that can go with any outfit. 

The Madden Girl Women’s Vault Wedge Sandals are the perfect summer shoe must have.

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