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Campus Conversations: Riverside City College students talk climate change action

From left: Cydnei Rediford (first-year, elementary education major), Ty Miller (second-year, philosophy major), Gorge Rojas (second-year, sociology major.) (Daesha Gear | Viewpoints)

Read Time:1 Minute, 45 Second
Interviews and photos by Daisy Olivo

Questions: How can we help the fight against climate change?

Jordan Cantonwine

“I think if we went back to making a lot of programs online, like school, we could help reduce our carbon footprint. Schools should also provide a different form of transportation that would make getting to school more eco-friendly.”

-Jordan Cantonwine
Major: English
Time at RCC: 2 Years

Ruby Castillo

“We should mainly focus our attention on holding big companies accountable for their contribution to climate change. I feel like we continue to make it seem like it’s an everyday person’s fault.”

-Ruby Castillo
Major: Business Management
Time at RCC: 1 Year

Fabian Velasquez

“I think we should be doing more. We can make some small adjustments to our lifestyles to better the world.”

-Fabian Velasquez
Major: Business
Time at RCC: 1 Year

Aldo Rivas

“We should do more as a community to help fight climate change, but we should also focus on what we can do as individuals. I am currently recycling and trying to help reduce the amount of waste I produce.”

-Aldo Rivas
Major: Studio Arts 
Time at RCC: 2 Years

Jade Brown

“I participated in a few of the Earth Day events, but I feel like that’s all I hear about bettering the planet at RCC. We should be reducing our food waste, increasing public transportation, and creating a better form of recycling plastics. Only about 17% of plastics get accurately recycled.”

-Jade Brown
Major: Animation
Time at RCC: 3 Years

Tyler Howard

“I believe that the community is already making an effort to fight global warming by having common clean-ups and having EU chargers available to students. We can continue to recycle, and use less electricity. We can also change our forms of transportation like biking or walking.”

-Tyler Howard
Major: Psychology
Time at RCC: 2 Years

Lester Canoza

“There are many different ways to help reduce all the waste we produce. Aside from recycling plastics and metal and all that, we can also recycle our clothes to keep them from being burned or something.”

-Lester Canoza
Major: Kinesiology 
Time at RCC: 1 Year

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