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Families relish in Riverside’s fall festival

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By: Leana Padilla

On Friday Oct. 25 Riverside City celebrated the fall festival at the Bobby Bonds Park. On display at the festival were various organizations that help support the city.

One of the organizations was Farmworker Institute of Education & Leadership Development, founded by Cesar E. Chavez in 1978. They help the community by giving ESL Classes to people, 18-65 years of age, at Cesar Chavez Charter High School. They also offers State Certified Conservation Corps(18-25), Career Technical Education, and also help with Citizenship Classes.

Another organization was Neighborhood College Young Offender’s Program where they offer youth mentoring services, substance abuse, life skills, job readiness, Educational Placement and Tutoring. This organization is sponsored by The Cal Almaraz Leadership & Opportunity Center. Supporting the event on Friday night was Riverside Ward 2 council member Melendez.

In light of the festivities of Halloween, families across the city came to participate and enjoy the food and activities. Apart from the programming offered by the various organizations, families were invited to watch various choreographed dances, Mexican food, participate in raffling, train riding and extracurricular activities for the children. In keeping the festival safe was the Riverside Police Department, ensuring a calm communal evening out with family.

Photos by: Jacob Quezada
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