West Side Story

By: Leana Padilla

Performance Riverside put on a production of West Side Story, which tells a modern day Romeo and Juliet story on the streets of New York City, at the Landis Performing Center on Oct. 12.

The musical performance is about two different gangs with different ethnic backgrounds, American people and Puerto Rican Latinx people. The show starts with the rival Sharks and the Jets fight over clashing race, color and cultures.

The storyline begins with the saplings of young love The performers beautifully portrayed the excitement a simple dance can bring on. From the moment they fell in love, everything got more complicated for the, since the brothers hated each other.

In the performance, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, both families, hate each other but love within is found.

Upon watching the play, the audience can enjoy the true fantasy of star crossed romance in a relatable modern day New York setting.

Each scene was special and gave a message to the audience, as manifested with the dialogue between Maria and her girlfriends fantasizing about marrying Tony.

Photos by: Jacob Quezada

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