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Tech tips for the modern college student

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By Seth Barlow

Gone are the days of dictionaries and thesauruses now that everybody has a cellphone in their pocket.

Apps are not only helpful in day-to-day tasks, they are essential to school work.

Viewpoints selected the best apps for school whether it be for passing exams, self-help or anything else that falls in between.

While many students debate over whether Evernote or OneNote are the best note-taking apps, it seems that the debate is now over.

Evernote is a great app for taking notes and organizing thoughts, yet there is a catch: the best features are hidden behind a paywall.

That’s where OneNote reigns supreme. This app is completely free and has almost all of the features that Evernote does, and more.

With options to color-code, organize and categorize by topic, OneNote is by far the superior note-taking application.

If typing from your device’s keyboard isn’t good enough, OneNote also features stylus support for devices like the Samsung Note line, Microsoft Surface and even some Apple products.

While not everyone is required to take classes in health or computer science, almost every student has taken at least one math class in their life.

One app that is essential for any math class is called Photomath.

A few years ago, if someone told you that you could simply hold your phone over a math problem and it would show a solution, you would think that they were crazy, well that is exactly what Photomath can do.

Especially helpful in Algebra classes, Photomath allows users to scan a math problem or graph for instant results as well as step-by-step instructions. Once using this app, it is almost impossible to go back to the old way.

While math is good and fun in its own right, its not the only class out there. That’s where Quizlet comes in handy.

Yes, it is the same Quizlet that helped get most students through middle school and high school.

Now in app form, Quizlet is almost the most important tool for students young and old in almost every subject imaginable.

The best feature in Quizlet is the option to make your own flashcards which as well all know is an essential aspect of studying.

Not enough time to make your own flashcards? No problem! Quizlet boasts hundreds, if not thousands, of user generated flashcards for every subject out there from math to photography.

It’s hard to imagine life in 2018 without a little thing called YouTube. Google’s video streaming service once started out as a way for people to post old family videos but grew into a revolutionary tool that can be used for almost anything.

With millions of tutorials in every subject, YouTube is by far one of the best apps for students, no matter what grade or school they belong to.

While studying for exams and finishing homework is fine, sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s more than school or work; yourself.

Insight Timer is an amazing application that features hundreds of guided meditations and even courses that handle stress, time management and anxiety.

Not only does Insight Timer have countless amount of content for its users, all of its features are free to use.

While there is a paid-for version that enables rewind and fast forward in its mediations, this app doesn’t have any annoying ads and mentioned earlier, all content is completely free so that means that the free version is a great option for students.

For more information or to  download any and all of these apps, all are available on your mobile device’s app store.

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