Local artist creates eye-popping art

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By Imari Rede

The life of an artist today is often based on their social media and other networking abilities which is separate from their actual creative work.

Sophie Violette is a local artist who skips all the online distractions. She has showcased her work live in downtown Riverside since 2013.

Her work can be described as abstract, bright and trippy. Upon walking into suite 2BA in the Live Arts building of downtown Riverside spectators are handed a pair of 3D glasses.

Outbursts of surprise and awe ring through the suite as mouths drop and eyes gleam as they scan the room full of Violette’s work.

“Dude this stuff is tripping me out! I love it,” said Valentine a spectator and former RCC student.

Spectators would try to catch a shot of her work through her glasses, but that also doesn’t work. The 3D glasses provide a stereoscopic perspective that literally makes the work jump off the paper and the walls of her suite.

“The glasses helped my art adapt and grow. Its makes my art more fun and interactive. I love to see that moment of excitement and happiness and joy,” Violette said.

Violette’s work is full of bright neon colors that are juxtaposed with black lines. Her effects are so specific to her work that unlike most artists today she does not use social media.

“My work is like that saying ‘You had to be there.’ Language is like that, you have to be there,” Violette said.

The 3D glasses are not the only thing that makes Violette’s work unique. Yes, she is a physical artist, but she is also a poet. She has a deep connection to words and linguistics.

“Words limit us in certain ways. Poverty of language, the inability to bridge that gap in consciousness. Words are incomplete but we can also combine them (words and art) to have complete emotions and feelings and ideas,” said Violette.

A Riverside Art Walk spectator offered $300 for her three-part collection titles “Muzzle Series,” on Sept. 6

“I’ve been here a couple times and these ones really stand out to me,” said Edgar Vazquez. Violette was unable to accept his offer due to not using virtual banking. Violette’s work is very personal. She has sold some of her work, but mostly to collectors that understand the value.

All of her work is original and makes no prints. She even hand makes all of her contact information cards by hand.

“The biggest thing I’d like people to take away is that huge names have prints, if you love art go and find art you love. Don’t let someone tell you whether it’s good or bad. Help artists you like stay alive,” said Violette.

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