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Local farmers sell what they grow

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By Imari Rede
Riverside residents Mike and Victoria Van Hulle purchase local cucumbers from Sandra Buenrostro at Raul and Family Farms on Aug. 17 at the Riverside Downtown Farmers Market. The farmers market brings small business’ fresh produce from the immediate area at affordable rates to the downtown area. Imari Rede | Viewpoints

Beautiful colors from fruits, veggies, flowers and more are a perfect way to start a Saturday morning.

The Riverside Downtown Farmers Market ,tucked between Fifth and Sixth Avenues each week, brings local food options to the downtown area.

Raul and Family Farms are a family run business that is based in Riverside and Ontario.

The family, who has been operating their business for 15 years, makes their business solely off the fruits and vegetables that their farms produce.

Sandra Buenrostro is the owner’s niece from Raul and Family Farms. Aug. 18 was her fifth consecutive week vending at this specific farmer’s market.

She likes the social interaction that comes along with selling their produce at different markets. “I like that I always get to be in communication with the people that come,” said Buenrostro.

The Riverside Downtown Farmers Market offers an environment that is bright and welcoming.

“We like the hummus and we really enjoy the honey guy and reasonably priced flowers. Today we learned a lot about herbs,” said Trisha McVeigh, a Riverside resident.

Live music by various artists can be enjoyed while walking through the market.

Free samples of the season’s most flavorful fruits are always at an arm’s length away.

Carol Gardens is an herb garden located in Riverside that is a state certified producer of organic culinary herbs. 

They offer a wide variety of both dry and living plants and herbs like holy basil, rosemary, tomatoes and other common plants used in the kitchen.

Tom Yost from Carol Gardens was extremely educational and invested with each and every one of his customers but declined an interview.

This market has much to offer from fresh eggs, flowers, herbs and fruit, to roasted almonds, raw honey and plants galore.

These local businesses provide farm fresh produce at affordable prices for people of the downtown area every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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