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Book proves Riverside has plenty to offer

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By Anthony Torres


RCC faculty member Larry Burns presents his book “100 Things to Do in Riverside Before You Die” on May 17 in the Digital Library Auditorium. Toward the end of his presentation, Burns told the audience he’s working on a similar book dedicated to the Inland Empire. Elizabeth Tovar Llamas | Viewpoints

A Riverside to be proud of. Larry Burns boasts about Riverside in his book, “100 Thing To Do In Riverside, CA Before You Die.”

Larry Burns is a writer and artist living in Riverside, and one of the founding members of the Inlandia Institute, a publisher and promoter of local writers and artists.

He also happens to be a staff member at Riverside City College. Burns held a lecture explaining the unique places, events and community that Riverside has to offer to the world May 17 at RCC.

Having lived in Riverside for over two decades and being a big part of the community, one tends to find out great things about this wonderful city. Riverside, a growing metropolis of just under 82 sq. miles, has a growing population of over 300,000 people of various cultures and heritages along with their own rich histories.

With a broad spectrum of people comes various forms of art, which is why Riverside is known as the city of arts and innovation.

“Art belongs everywhere. There is no place in Riverside where you can’t find art.” Burns says proudly about the city’s aesthetic nearing the end of his lecture. “Art starts in one place and spreads.”

Burns’s book illustrates just 100 of the hundreds of things that people, whether resident or visiting, can do in Riverside.

An ongoing example is the Art Float at Fairmount Park on Lake Evans which ends June 1. Another example is the Saturation Fest going on this May 25-27, which happens each Memorial Day weekend. Ghostwalk which is held in October is an event that host tours of Riverside’s most “haunted” places.

With such an interesting community it is not hard to imagine Riverside as a big and thriving city that continues to grow daily. As residents or visitors we should be grateful for this dynamic city.

The book, “100 Things To Do In Riverside, CA Before You Die” is now on sale and can be purchased through Amazon.

Currently, Burns is working on a second book titled, “Secret Inland Empire” which talks about the spooky history and ghost stories of the Inland Empire. Be sure to check out both of his books to learn more.

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