Movie Review: Don’t you dare shed a dollar for this film

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By Doreena Carter
Illustration by Karina Gutirrez

Truth or dare? Dare. I dare you to not see this movie. The long-awaited horror film hit theaters on horror fanatics favorite day, Friday the 13th.

Blumhouse Productions company has released other popular movies such as “Hush,” “The Gift,” and the extended “Paranormal Activity” franchise. All of their movies have two things in common. They are low- budget produced films and they are all pretty mediocre.

Yes, that is right, “Truth or Dare” was also, guess what? Mediocre. In addition to the film being your typical college setting slaughter movie, it is also extremely predictable.

Yet again Blumhouse fails at presenting a well put together and believable plot. They consistently rehash old themes without making them any different.

The group of friends embark on a trip to Mexico to have what is supposed to be an eventful ending to their Spring break. Olivia (Lucy Hale), meets Carter (Landon Liboiron) at the bar. Soon after he helps her get rid of unwanted company.

Here, early on in the film, audience members should have been rolling their eyes at this completely foreseeable scene because everyone knows not to talk to strangers at a bar who invite you and your friends to some other unfamiliar location. Red flag.

After being introduced to the demon possessed game of Truth or Dare and having it follow them home, things only go from bad to worse. Not just for the characters in the film but for the audience

watching the movie, things never really get any better.

Don’t bother watching “Truth or Dare” if you saw all the trailers that took over every YouTube

ad for the past week because congratulations, you have already seen the best parts of the film in those 30 seconds and probably saved a few dollars and tons of disappointment.

The characters are not really relatable at all. The audience can quickly identify each one of them as your basic characters that are portrayed in all teen films, the common tropes of the prick, the party chick, the drunkard and the stud.

The character development is boring and the chemistry between the friends is absent which makes it hard for the audience to feel connected to them, therefore making it impossible to care if they die off or not.

The expositions in the plot are almost non-existent. There are so many missing pieces in the plot that it takes away from the backstory of why the game is possessed in the first place. Instead you find yourself thinking about whether you left the oven on or if you forgot to lock your car or not.

The demon himself explains that the game of Truth or Dare is unavoidable, you play and eventually die or you refuse and still die. How appealing, right?

The plot’s loophole would lead you to believe there may be a sequel, although it is very unlikely that another “Truth or Dare” film will be in high demand.

If you are looking to waste time on a movie discount night go for it or make a smart decision and save your money for something that will hopefully be better in the near future, c’mon Hollywood.

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