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Indoor Percussion takes gold

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By: Karissa Martinez
From left, Alan August, Kheffy Cervantez, Jay Reddicks, Landon Gray, Josh Anderson, Miles Kenobbie and Steven Takeda complete at the WGI World Championship in Dayton, Ohio on April 21. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Regua

Riverside City College Indoor Percussion won their sixth world title at the 2018 Winter Guard International World Championships. The team traveled to Dayton, Ohio to compete on April 21.

Their show entitled “Listen” earned a score of 97.8625 in the top class, Independent World. Rhythm X from Ohio took home the silver medal with a score of 97.5125, a mere 0.35 points behind.

WGI is also known as the Sport of the Arts where music, art and a fierce competition collide to define this activity. Performers are required to have a combination of athleticism and musical skills.

“Our performers this particular year were absolutely amazing,” said Sean Vega, program coordinator of RCC Indoor Percussion. “What’s being asked physically is intense. It’s become a very physical activity. We add elements of dance and theatre.”

The show consists of a “battery” of drums including snares, tenors, base drums and a front ensemble including marimbas, synthesizers, cymbals and other percussion instruments called “the pit.” This year also included a talented jazz trumpet soloist.

2002 marked the first year RCC attended the World Championships where they won with their show “The Sound of Silence.” Since then, they have taken home the gold medal in 2005, 2007, 2012, 2015 and now again in 2018. They have never placed out of the top four.

This year, there were more than 46,000 participants at the regional level and more than 15,000 at the Sport of the Arts World Championships. RCC Indoor Percussion has proven that they are a contender for gold every year.

“If there’s one thing that makes RCC special, it’s that we never try to repeat any sort of formula or design. Our goal is always to try to explore completely new territory,” Vega said.

If history repeats itself, RCC will continue to set new standards in 2019 in a quest to defend their world championship title.

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