Video Game Review: Rage quit may occur

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By Heidi Dye

“South Park Phone Destroyer” was released Nov. 9 for Android and iOS devices it’s a role-playing game where fans can battle with their favorite characters from the series.

It’s a warm day in the town of South Park, tired of playing “Wizards and Elves,” the boys of South Park, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman can’t decide on which game to play. Instead of just choosing one game to play, they decide to play all of them, “Cowboys and Indians,” “Aliens and Robots,” “Christians and Jews,” and “Wizards and Elves.”

It’s all on the new kid to help the boys defeat the various bosses that lay in the streets.

You play as the New Kid, a master on their phone and one of the main characters of the game and the show. Your avatar is customizable so the character can be changed to your liking.

The game is played by placing different cards that feature various characters with different attacks and powers onto the battlefield. Each card costs a certain amount of energy. The player’s energy loads while battling but at a slow pace and only up to ten at a time. There can be twelve cards featuring two different themes, either: Sci-fi, mystical adventure or fantasy in a deck. But neutral cards, for example Officer Barbrady, can be included with the addition of the two themes.

New cards can be found in lockers, free decks of cards, or in PvP, player versus player packs. There are common, rare, epic and legendary cards to be found.

Cartman’s store offers free packs of cards every four hours but packs of cards can be purchased with cash. Even though cash doesn’t come that easy in the game, the player can buy cash with actual currency.

Cards can be upgraded with specific items and coins and the more of the same cards a player has, the more powerful the card becomes. Upgrade items can be bought in Cartman’s store or found in lockers.

When playing in single player mode, players face off against various bosses, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, or Cartman with their deck of cards. Each boss has their own theme. Stan of Many Moons, takes over the Adventure theme. Cyborg Kenny, takes over the Sci-fi theme. Kyle, Master Ninjew, takes over the Mystical theme. Grand Wizard Cartman, takes over the Fantasy theme.

After each match, players can open up lockers that include money, cards and upgrade items.

There are different episodes in each theme with five stages in each of the episodes. Stages can be replayed up to fifteen times with it increasing in difficulty each time. At the end of some episodes, Don King, Butters, requires the player to win a certain amount of PvP matches to proceed to the next episode.

PvP matches are battles against other players of the game in real-time. A player wins once they depleted all of the other player’s health.

After winning three matches, a player receives a PvP pack of cards that includes new cards, upgrade items, coins, money and PvP tickets which can be used in Butter’s store.

Since the game is fairly new, there are still some bugs within the game. For one, sometimes the game glitches and an enemy will regain some of their health. Also the game will freeze and when it unfreezes the game would be at a different point. PvP matches sometimes will put a player against another player who is at a higher level. After reaching level ten in PvP, players start to lose progress after each defeat, making it harder to keep a rank. Also to his app takes a whopping amount of battery power and memory, the game has to have at least 650 MB to load which is equivalent to ⅔ of a GB.                                

Other than the bugs, “South Park Phone Destroyer” is a highly addictive game that’s a good way to pass the time or in my case, destroy my social life. So bring your phone and join the boys in their battle against each other.

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