Opinion: Trump pursues political suicide

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By Joshua Burciaga

President Donald Trump has big plans for the future however, those plans don’t involve us.

As Trump continues to aggravate the U.S. and other countries, we become increasingly befuddled and outraged by the daily controversies instigated by him.

Even notorious members of Congress such as Sen. John McCain find it difficult to decipher his rhetoric.

“I don’t know what he’s saying and I’ve long ago given up trying to interpret what he says,” McCain said to an Arizona radio station.

Tony Schwartz, a former colleague of Trump’s, predicts that Trump will resign due to the pressure that the Russian investigation has fixated on him.

“I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he’s going to have to figure out a way to resign,” Schwartz said in an interview with CNN.

Americans may witness another Nixon era style impeachment process.

However, this is not 1974 anymore, the political climate has changed since then.

Therefore, Trump’s potential resignation is going to prove easier said than done.

Political scientist Justin Gest indicates in his article, “The Two Kinds of Trump Voters,” that not every Trump voter is the same.

“First, there are those who support Trump primarily because they agree with the authoritarian, nationalist moral order he seeks to establish. We’ll call them the ‘Nationalists,’” said Gest.

White nationalists could easily be attributed to the neo-nazis and Ku Klux Klan members constantly seen on the news.

“Second, there are those who support Trump primarily because they believe he embodies a cleansing of establishment politics that has left white working-class people poorer and forgotten over recent decades,” said Gest. “We’ll call them the ‘Exasperated.’”

The exasperated White people are neither homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, nor racist and could easily be referred to as swing voters by political analysts and newscasters.

“They have likely voted for Democrats and Republicans over the years, seeking someone who would champion their cause,” Gest said. “It’s why they have swung from party to party, from year to year – often reacting to failures of previous candidates.”

They didn’t vote for Trump because they relish behind his distasteful behavior, but because they believed he was capable of reinvigorating the lifestyle and country that they once had.

They’re neither Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Libertarians.

They’re just fed up with the lousy politicians, the broken promises, the gridlock and the cynical misconduct and corruption that’s been plaguing the White House for decades, and will vote for anyone who will show any slight sign of improving their conditions.

Gest points out that White nationalists are more loyal to Trump than their exasperated counterparts.

“Trump is likely to maintain nationalist support until the bitter end, even if he is unable to deliver the economic prosperity he promised,” Gest said. “He will inevitably blame others, and this constituency will believe it.”

Trump obviously lost the White exasperated voters by filling his administration with wealthy businessmen who’ve made billions by foreclosing American homes and sending their businesses overseas.

Trump is fully aware that he does not possess the votes to attain re-election, so he’s enacted an ingenious method so then he remains unscathed when the dust finally settles.

He’s intentionally trying to get himself impeached.

Think about it. If he resigns too soon or decides not to run for re-election, then Trump would be exposed for what he truly is: a con man.

Americans should note that Middle Eastern countries and Russia are very homophobic and sexist.

So when the president proposes to ban transgender applicants from the military or denies women birth control, sure his approval ratings in America dwindle, but leaders in the Middle East and Russia applaud such moves.

This makes it easier for him to conduct business with powerful elites in Moscow and Saudi Arabia.

Also, Europe is a very conservative continent. Take Austria for example.

Conservative leader Sebastian Kurz, the candidate for Austria’s prime minister who utilized an anti-immigration platform, won a slim majority in their last election.

Additionally, Austria’s far right Freedom Party, who won 26 percent of the vote, was originally established by former Nazis around 60 years ago.

Most individuals residing in Europe are very anti-immigration, anti-abortion and don’t believe in separation of church and state to the same degree that we do.

His approval ratings suffer when he urges to close Planned Parenthood or bars Muslim immigration, but he could care less about what Americans think of him.

Since these statements bolster his approval ratings overseas and abroad, business leaders outside the U.S. would be more inclined to work with him afterwards.

Therefore, he will not resign or refuse to run for re-election because his true intentions would become obvious.

Instead, it’s easier for an impeached president to state that the system is completely rigged. He might make claims that he is just trying to “Make America Great Again,” but the lousy politicians won’t let him do his job since it would only undermine their power.

If framed like that, then Trump will never lose support of White nationalist voters no matter what he decides to do afterwards.

This is why it would make sense for him to instill enough division and discord among the Republican Party in order to provoke them to impeach him.

Furthermore, it would be dangerous if this allegation were to be true, because if White nationalists voters were to unravel that they’ve been deceived, then they would definitely retaliate against Trump.

So let me ask you this, what happens if every citizen in the United States were to turn against one elected official?

A scenario such as this is unprecedented and there’s no telling what could happen.

I mean, why else would he state such appalling things? He’s unfit to be president, but I’m confident that he’s not that stupid. At least I hope.

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