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Students voice safety concerns

By Joshua Burciaga Every school has a duty to provide a learning environment that is both safe and sound, but this oath hasn’t been less honored at Riverside City College’s Cosmetology department. Alyssa Lerme takes day classes at the Cosmetology department and voiced her concern about the lack of security, she said that there was

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Opinion: Trump pursues political suicide

By Joshua Burciaga President Donald Trump has big plans for the future however, those plans don’t involve us. As Trump continues to aggravate the U.S. and other countries, we become increasingly befuddled and outraged by the daily controversies instigated by him. Even notorious members of Congress such as Sen. John McCain find it difficult to

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Riverside religious leaders stand with the marginalized

By Joshua Burciaga The Calvary Presbyterian Church of downtown Riverside participated in the Second Annual Faith Walk for Peace on Oct. 15 to confront and resolve social issues. Prior to the walk, Rev. Erin Thomas disclosed the services that the church offers to the impoverished. “Every Sunday we have a hot meals program here at

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