Advice Column: Dae’s life hacks

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By Dae Thomas

“I’d like a life hack to juggle time management, to handle work and school simultaneously.” –Hailey Totten

This is a really common problem that a lot of people our age struggle with, Hailey. I hear wonderful things about the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, because it gives you a personal voice assistant for the entry-level price of $50.

If that’s not quite  right for for you though, try 24me, it’s an app geared specifically toward combining bill payment reminders, task management and calendars all in one place and is available for Android and iOS.

“How do I get rid of oil stains?” –Julia Balancier

  A dish soap and/or shampoo scrub with an old toothbrush on the oil stains before throwing them into the washer should do the trick, Julia. Because a life lived without grease isn’t a life worth living.

“What can I do about stress?” –Ashley Coyle

The answer will vary drastically from person to person, but what I can recommend based on what I’ve seen do wonders for some of my peers is simple physical activity.

What type is up to you, but I would highly recommend a yoga class for the sheer fact that you learn to focus on your breathing, which alone can help you to alleviate some of the stress and angst that wells up in the pit of your stomach.

Other things to try based on some research on what millennials find soothing though, include finding a new Netflix series to binge or taking bath bomb soaked baths.

“Parking, is there a way to let you know there are available spots?” –Anonymous

Unfortunately not, parking is one of those things at Riverside City College that is like the Loch Ness Monster, widely discussed but rarely seen. Know that everyone here at Viewpoints hears your gripe with parking and any coverage we can bring to help remedy the severe lack of parking on campus, we will.

“Is there a program to see a personalized digital version of your car that will show you what modifications look like?” –Victor Martinez

Victor, I’m not going to lie, this took some extra thorough work on my part. I went all the way to page three of Google’s search results page because I was that desperate to find a decent answer for you, but I think my efforts paid off.

Give a look-see! You can choose your car manufacturer, model and year and make all sorts of digital customizations like paint color, wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors and even suspension-level customization. They have a very large catalog of cars from the past 100 years.

There’s also an app by the same name in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores. Not bad for a gay that knows nothing about cars, eh?

“How can I make my hair grow faster?” –Gabriela Rios

  Gabriela, great question! Some products do claim to make hair grow faster, but use them with a grain of salt. Hair grows an average of half an inch per month, and will vary a little bit from person to person.

Use products that have mixes of vitamins and oils consisting of vitamin C, niacin, lavender oil, argan oil, and hazelnut oil. They promote thickness, strength, removing of dead cells, moisture and they can reduce scalp inflammation.

As far as wanting hair to grow faster, you may not be able to affect that directly, but you can have healthy-looking hair while you wait for your locks to grow in.

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