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COLUMN: America’s prime time show

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 By Virginia Valencia
Illustration by B’Elanna Walker

“That Trump though,” my sister casually remarks as she walks toward the dinner table. 

My sister an extremely proud Latina who finds comfort in arguing gently sits down and the table erupts debate. This is our entertainment for the night. 

Politics is show business for President Donald Trump and the ratings are not great. 

As Trump Care heads to the Senate, the nation is holding its breath as disbelief washes over us all. 

This is a reform that will surely change many lives. Especially if one has a pre-existing condition. The list is pretty scary. According to Business Insider, conditions that could make it harder to get health insurance includes acne, allergy, anxiety, depression, ear infect ions, menst rual i r reg ula r i t ies and being overweight to name a few. 

According to Time magazine, “insurers could look at a patient’s medical history and charge two people of the same age and location far different premium prices because one has a pre-existing condition and the other does not.” 

This reform seems like it was not made for the people but made solely for a win. To hear the applause. To get more ratings. 

Trump is all about being on top. About holding the highest position as he looks down and smirks at the rest of the world. 

His party seems to be no different. They all just wanted a win. Republican Representative Tom Garrett commented to CNN that “I don’t think any individual has read the whole (Trump Care) bill.” 

They clearly disregarded the importance of the bill and how it would affect the people. 

The cr umbl ing of our government is being caused by Trump’s lack of respect for the fundamental structures that our nation was founded on. 

He challenges those that threaten his agenda again and again from federal judges to FBI directors. 

When U.S. District Judge James L. Roba r t halted Trump’s t ravel ban after he decided that it was “unconstitutional,” Trump retaliated with name-calling him a “so-called judge,” on one of his many Twitter rants. 

The firing of FBI Director James Comey only shows Trump’s lack of integrity for our government and his inability to accept that even the president must submit to the rules of the law.

This is an attack on our democracy, on our moral law. 

Trump has shown again and again that he does not care for the people, does not care for the law and does not care for America. 

Trump simply cares for the commotion he creates. He leaves utter chaos in his wake. 

He is unpredictable, reckless and delusional. He is my least favorite character in the show of politics. 

My family slowly wobbles to the door as our session of entertainment ends for the night. Soft sad chuckles resound as we hug and say goodbye. “Cuídate,” my dad always says. This is not said simply to me but whispered to the world. We definitely need it.

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