Community food joint serves delicious elotes

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By Roxane Stephens


One of the latest Instagram raves in town is the new local dive Swirl Fiesta in Jurupa Valley.

Many have heard of it, but those who have yet to visit are guaranteed a delicious treat.

The hype is all about their unique and beautifully designed corn on the cob, known to many as elotes.

Elotes in and of themselves are never a let down to the taste buds.

Oddly enough, not only does this hole-in-the-wall eatery provide a wide variety of toppings for the corn, they also serve frozen yogurt, smoothies and a personal favorite raspados.

They are filled with the refreshing flavors of a summer afternoon, sure to leave your mouth watering for more.

The prices were fairly comparable to any frozen yogurt or dessert chains. As a poor college student, one dollar can go a long way and it is much more cost efficient to just hunt down your local corn man that circulates your block every weekend.

Here the original elotes costs $3.50, where at a mobile cart they can be as cheap as $1.75. However, Swirl Fiesta is the only place in Riverside who specializes in a variety of elotes flavors, which include Original, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Tostitos, Takis and Doritos.

One of their perks is that they even offer corn in a bowl if eating directly off the cob is too much of a hassle.

Swirl Fiesta’s food sells itself and even though it is enjoyable, it is overrated. They do sell tasty food but it is not particularly outstanding.

Swirl Fiesta can be compared to a mini La Michoacana, with the inclusion of multiple corn options. They are good to visit for the occasional treat but it is unlikely that many will become regulars.

The facility was kept clean and organized for the limited amount of space available but it wouldn’t have hurt the workers to be friendlier.

Their customer service was not necessarily poor but there was much room for improvement. It is said that a first impression is a lasting impression but their workers did not seem too concerned about making personal connections.

In comparison to popular frozen yogurt shops, like Cherry on Top, the selection for flavors is substantially less.

It is not worth a visit for frozen yogurt alone but if it becomes a craving while waiting in line, you might as well.

Of Swirl Fiesta’s six frozen yogurt flavors, the Disney Pineapple Dole Whip is rightfully their most advertised and a customer favorite.

They also offer many interesting toppings and sauces including fruit flavored boba poppers, chamoy, cereal, fruits and candies.

Although the earlier hours do not involve much of a wait, by 3 p.m. the lines increase dramatically.

It must be a frequent problem if they need to post a sign stating, “Due to the high amount of customers we are taking (one) order (at) a time. Thank you for understanding.”

Everyone should stop by to get a taste of all the talk but plan to put aside time for the expected wait.

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