‘Fuller House’ revives past

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Written by Mary Valterria

Nostalgia comes in many forms. For Netflix users, it arrived in a red convertible that just finished crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

The long awaited Netflix series “Fuller House” opened with this exact scene, only the beloved Tanner girls of the original series “Full House” were all grown up with children and careers of their own. The plot, however, was a familiar one.

Viewers who watched the original series “Full House” remember the father and matriarch Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), who raised his three girls with the help and support from Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), friend Joey Gladstone (David Alan Coulier) and later in the show, Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin).

“Full House” helped launch the careers of twins Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed the youngest sister Michelle Tanner. The Olsen twins became household names almost overnight. Together they starred in countless television, film and video projects. The Olsens eventually switched direction and moved on, quite successfully, from acting to fashion design.

The spin-off show “Fuller House” centered around oldest sister D.J. Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), a recent widow left alone to care for her three children. In true Tanner fashion, the family stepped in to help. A now grown-up Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and long-time best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) moved in with D.J. to lend a helping hand.

Cameos from the original cast and popular catchphrases used during the first run of the series provided some viewers with the wholesome comedy that they longed for since “Full House” ended its stint in 1995. Joey was still full of fun-loving antics that he was able to share with the Fuller kids and there was no shortage of “Have mercies” or “How rudes!”

Fans of the show may have been disappointed if they were hoping to hear “You got it dude,” or “You’re in big trouble, Mister,” because there wasn’t an Olsen twin in sight to reprise the role of Michelle. “Fuller House” did not try to sweep Michelle’s absence under the rug, in fact the Olsen empire was mentioned quite a few times.

“Fuller House” enthusiast Nicole Foust reacted to the show with glee and excitement.

“I was curious to see how they would bring the show back,” said Foust, “I liked all of the references and catchphrases.”

Not all students were as pleased with the trip down memory lane. “Full House” fan Catherine Sanchez felt that the similar scripting of the two shows made the spin off exactly the same as the original.

“Some throwbacks are cute, but it was overkill,” said Sanchez. “It was annoying.”

The finale of the inaugural season left the Fuller House women with many upcoming decisions that will affect the direction of the show’s characters, both old and new.

Netflix subscribers who finished the “Fuller House” season were left with their own tough decisions. Is the show content likeable enough to keep people watching? Will ratings drop once the nostalgia wears off? Will the spin-off gain a new generation of faithful viewers?

In time these questions will be answered, because “Fuller House” has been renewed for a second season. It looks like the viewing schedules of “Fuller House” fans may have just gotten fuller.

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