Reports: Armed robbery at Tyler Mall in Riverside

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Written by James H. Williams

UPDATE 3: Three male suspects entered the Tyler Mall in Riverside and began to break the glass cases of a Ben Bridge Jewelry Store with sledgehammer-like objects.

There were not any shots fired or reports of an injury.


UPDATE 2: According to police scanners, the male suspects were wearing hoodies and baggy clothes with gloves and masks. They were armed with sledgehammer-like object. Those who were in the mall at the time of the incident mistook the sound of breaking glass for gunshots.



UPDATEAccording to the Riverside Police Chief Sergio G. Diaz, there is not an active shooter in the mall.

ORIGINALThere are reports of an armed robbery and gun shots at the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside.

Police are on the scene and searched the Nordstrom store. The three levels of the store along with the roof top have been deemed as clear, according to police scanner.

Police believe they’ve identified the suspects’ car and have ran the plate. There are reportedly three black males who were armed and robbed a Ben Bridge Jewelry Store within the mall. The suspects have reportedly left, although it is unclear whether they have left by car or on foot.

There was a huge police response at the mall as the incident occurred just four days after the mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available and is confirmed.

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