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Boho chic blooms in spring

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Lux Clothing boutique springs toward fresh designs inspired by Southern California

Published: March 26, 2015 | Posted: March 26, 2015 | Written by Jeianne Baniqued
TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS: Accessories such as necklaces, cross-body handbags and ankle boots are always a must to make the seemingly carefree vibe complete.
Photo by Tyler Beltran

It’s that time of year again, where temperatures rise early in the Inland Empire and multiple layers of clothing are not just a taboo for comfort in these warm days.

Instead of committing fashion suicide, many are finding comfort in the latest trend breaking into clothing stores: the Bohemian look.

Also known as hippie chic, this trend is a mixture of vintage and modern styles, from flowing tops to colorful layers, chunky accessories to embroidered flourishes.

As the dreary weather of winter goes, so does the season’s style.

Knit scarves and chunky sweaters are making their way to the back of closets and space is being made for a new spring wardrobe.

The Bohemian style is welcoming with flowing tops and brighter colors for the warm season.

Fabrics are usually soft cottons, linen, denim, velvet, leather, lace and crochet.

The fabrics can have bold beautiful patterns of floral, tribal or designs that portray ancient Chinese, Gypsy or Indian motifs.

Filling your closet with this must-need style can easily be found in stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and a local store near Riverside Plaza that stocks the look year-round: Lux Clothing.

The boutique, owned by Kayla Ragsdale, has been open for seven years now, however it has been renamed and rebranded for the last four.

“Lux has always carried that kind of Bohemian feel…and our aesthetic has been pretty much the same,” Ragsdale said.

The store is adorned with a beaded, desert-fever dream look and small displays of urban home goods and accessories.

It’s like a trip to the candy store for all beach goers and music festival enthusiasts.

This is the season where boho lovers unite.

Since the annual music and art festival Coachella is nearing fast, it gives people more of a reason to stock up on apparel.

Current Riverside City College students such as Karol Valencia have already purchased her ticket for the upcoming festival, “Everyone at Coachella is decked out with the boho style. From flower crowns, crochet crop tops and tribal pattern fabrics; it’s absolutely a must to dress like that at the festival.” 

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