Jolly Apple giant picks up Beats?

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Chaz Stewart | Staff Writer

May 29, 2014

Photo by Chaz Stewart | Staff Writer
Photo Illustration by Chaz Stewart | Staff Writer

Apple giant is thinking of purchasing the sound of Beats from one eardrum to the next at the tune of $3.2 billion dollars. At least that is what the Beats headphones company is currently being offered.

So is it a good purchase to buy up Beats, or is it a disaster in early stages? What is the next step after Apple purchases Beats, and what is their reason for wanting to purchase them in the first place?

“Over the years, Beats has become a tremendously influential and popular brand thanks to Dr. Dre and co-founder, music producer Jimmy Iovine, who strategically market the company’s signature headphones Beats by Dre.” Onuora Amobi said.

It is to be said that the only reason ‘Apple’ is taking over ‘Beats’ is because ‘Beats’ reaches a younger crowd.

“Apple is doing it to get control of the headphone space and the coolness of the brand. Beats’s fledgling music subscription service, It’s a great deal because ‘Beats’ hardware is very profitable and has, in some cases, much higher profit margins than Apple products,” Onuora Amobi said.

It is pretty obvious which direction Apple is going with Beats because it is currently valued at $1.4 Billion – not to mention the company has a lot of the youth market saving up and borrowing money for the headphones – but the quality rivals the quantity sold, and the critics have mixed feelings.

Personally, I own a pair of Beats headphones. The reason it took me so long to purchase them is simply because the price was too high for what I thought was just a name brand, until I listened to them.

I am not saying they are the best out there, but they do allow you to express yourself through different colors, and the sound is still very good for watching movies or at the least listening to music, but does the price still match that of its quality?

“You’re probably paying more for the Beats name, especially for models without active noise cancellation,” James Willcox said. “In almost every category there are lower-priced models that offer the same, and sometimes better, sound quality. So if sound quality is your only consideration, choose one of those models rather than a Beats set.”

I guess you can say the criticisms are as heavy as Beats headphones’ bass.

“The bass-heavy Beats head phones aren’t a quality product built to the standard that they expect from Apple devices.” Neil Hughes said in an article on

“I have almost no interest in the headphone side of the business: that’s certainly marketing success but I’m not sure the product offers anything unique outside of branding,” Zac Hall said. “This deal for me is about the company as a whole which includes marketing talent, engineering talent, and music industry insiders. It’s not a bad pitch if you ignore that hefty price tag! While I don’t believe this deal is entirely about the tiny subscription music service that is Beats Music, that’s where my concern largely exists.So as a current owner of ‘Beats’ headphones and business major, I would say that ‘Apple’ is making a good decision to buy the company and then use their obscene amount of money to make ‘Beats’ even better.”

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