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AMC Fear Fest

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Rafael Rios | Staff Writer

Haunted houses, costume parties and horror film marathons. A new season emerges. The weather begins to change, the leaves start to fall, and the kooks emerge at dusk. October is the first full month of fall, but it is more popularly know for Halloween and the scary yet fun events that the holiday inspires.        

It seems that people live for the thrill of being scared during the month of October. Why else would they pay for all the haunted houses, and scary movies they attend? But there are many people who would rather stay home, and still be able experience the fear thrill.     

Television networks are great at delivering for the homebody type audience that loves the October thrill. When it comes to trying to put a little scare into viewers AMC knows exactly how to deliver. AMC is the mother of scare-a-thons with a horror-themed marathon in 1997 titled “Monsterfest.” Unlike Fear Fest, which is a 19-day event, Monsterfest was only a week long event. Time went by, and every year during late October the Monsterfest horror continued. It wasn’t until Sep. 26, 2008 that AMC announced the newest horror based movie marathon “Fear Fest.”

 Starting on Oct. 13 AMC Fear Fest kicks off to take you on a horrifyingly suspense filled thrill ride with The Walking Dead at 9/8c. Throughout the “Fear Fest” we will see many well-known classical horror films such as, Freddy Krueger “Nightmare on Elm Street,” Charles Lee Ray “Childs Play,” and Jason Voorhees “Friday the 13th.” But when it comes to Fear Fest it’s not all about the psychotic, murdering machines that never seem to die and can walk at astonishingly impressive speeds. There are many more fearsome characters such as ghosts, zombies, and even Jeepers Creepers who could be lurking in your TV with just a click of a button.

The last chance for you to be scared arrives on Halloween day, with a “Halloween” marathon, and the white mask wearing, homicidal maniac Michael Myers who just wants his sister, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) on none other than Halloween day.

With this AMC Fear Fest comes a warning to the children, and cowardly adults who can’t stand being scared. This is because this event assures the viewer will anticipate Thanksgiving to come much sooner, so that everyone can give thanks that the horror is over.

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