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Summer twins live in summer forever

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Preaching to the choir: Riverside band Summer Twins perform at the Fireball Run in Downtown Riverside amongst many local fans, old and new. 



Riverside natives, Summer Twins, took the stage on Sept. 21, wooing Los Angeles locals with their signature dream pop sound.

The band of sisters, Chelsea and Justine Brown, showcased at El Cid, a Spanish restaurant and venue.

This summer, the Brown sisters released their new EP, Forget Me, many of the songs that were played were from the EP including their single “Forget Me” and “I’m No Good.” Tracks from their previous self-titled album were also performed such as “I Will Love You” and “Try.”

Front woman Chelsea Brown took time to discuss the humble beginning of Summer Twins.

“We formed (our) first band when we were 13 and 14,” said Brown.

“When that ended, we kept writing music and started Summer Twins in 2008.”

Their influences are vast, from punk rock to rock ’n’ roll from the ’50s and ’60s. Growing up, the Brown sisters listened to the Ramones and The Donnas.

“We liked (the) idea of being in a band,” Brown said. “It wasn’t until after we decided to start a band that we actually learned to play our instruments.”

Now, Summer Twins is a successful band that’s taking Southern California by storm with their fun in the sun tunes.

From basement gigs to shows on Sunset Boulevard, all their hard work paid off with a little help from their friends at Burger Records.

The Fullerton based record label signed the Summer Twins, which catapulted their success into the indie scene.

“We knew Sean and Lee (founders of Burger Records) through their old band, Thee Makeout Party,” Brown said. “We used to play shows together. So when they started Burger Records, (around the time we started Summer Twins) we brought them our demo and invited them to our show. I guess they liked it!”

As both sisters grow in the music scene, so is they’re musical sound. Summer Twins is known to be sweet and fun with a touch of heartache and nostalgia.

For Brown, it’s exciting to be consistently evolving. “Our newest EP felt like a big leap from our first album,” she said. “The next album will definitely go in different direction than our newest EP.”

Summer Twins also performed last week at the finish line for the Fireball Run in Downtown Riverside.

It felt like a bright summer day for many families, and the atmosphere was perfect.

Summer Twins started off the ideal day for many.

Playing all the songs from their Forget Me EP, such as “Darlin’” and “Carefree.” They also did a cover song, “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” by The Everly Brothers.

For Summer Twins, this was a different experience from what they are normally used to. It was a gratifying moment for the band, even if the heat was exhausting. To perform in their hometown, of Riverside is always very special to them.

“We’re proud of our city, and it was awesome to be involved in a community event,” says Brown. “Plus it was pretty cool to play on a stage right on Main Street. Definitely something we’ve never done before. Besides that, it was pretty hot out, and playing outdoors can be tough, but we had fun!”

Summer Twins’ next show in Riverside will be on Oct. 18 at Tio’s Tacos restaurant.

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