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OPINION: State officials must address rampant child sex trafficking

By Paul Quick Homelessness, political recalls, smog and traffic: These issues are well known to any Californian. A lesser-known and more insidious problem may have escaped the attention of many Angelenos: California has a huge sex trafficking problem. All the more concerning is that California is a major hub for the trafficking of adolescents. According

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Sports Column: Popular muralist recreates memorable moment in Dodgers history

By Bianca Macias A popular muralist brought a taunting expression between old World Series foes 一 the championship-deserving Los Angeles Dodgers and the cheating Houston Astros 一 to life on a wall behind a Silver Lake barber shop. Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly gained media attention for making a pouty face at Astros shortstop Carlos Correa

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Community members speak on increased homelessness in Riverside

By Erik Galicia The number of homeless people in Riverside County rose again this year as community members continue to wonder what immediate action would best help this population. The 2020 Point in Time count, an annual survey of homelessness conducted Jan. 29, found 2,884 homeless people in the county. This is a 3% increase

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Los Angeles protest calls for justice in the murder of Vanessa Guillen

By Rossana Martinez A peaceful protest gathered in Los Angeles on July 8, calling for justice in the killing of Vanessa Guillén. Vanessa Guillén, a U.S. Army specialist, went missing from Fort Hood on April 22. Her remains were found in a shallow grave in Central Texas near Fort Hood two months later. Before Guillen

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Feminist club joins women’s march in LA

The Riverside City College Feminist club joined the International Women’s Day March in downtown Los Angeles on March 5 which was led by AF3RM, a transnational feminist organization.

People of different genders, sexualities and backgrounds united under one on an overcast day in LA. Among these people were members of RCC’s Feminist Unite club.

Beach-punk girls of Bleached make waves

How Los Angeles D.I.Y. style has progressed since early ’00s David Roman | Staff Writer Nov. 13, 2014 With dreamy melodic tunes as attention grabbing as the lead singer’s pink hair, local Los Angeles indie upstarts Bleached have been making waves with their summer vintage sound that makes anyone wanna breakout in the Watusi. “It’s Friday

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L.A. crams ecigs into a cigarette box

May 1, 2014 E-cigarettes are now banned in Los Angeles as of April 19 anywhere that cigarettes are prohibited. The law was passed by a unanimous decision by the city council. E-cigarettes are a new product that provides people the nicotine, cloud and flavor of cigarettes without the toxic carcinogens, additives and flammability. They offer

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Ring of fire rattles the Pacific Rim from California to Chile

Evenings are spent relaxing from a hard days work: not cowering under a table or desk while an earthquake rattles the world around you. The recent Californian, Chilean and Panamanian quakes the ring of fire produced brought people to this level of fear in their homes.

Interview with Mickey Church of the White Arrows

David Roman | Asst. Inscape Editor Originally printed in Viewpoints April 11th Fresh off a cross country tour with fellow So-Cal band The Neighbourhood, Mickey Church of the White Arrows takes the time out to chat with me about the band’s debut album, their present projects including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and

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