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Going off the deap end

Image Courtesy of: Bryan Sheffield

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David Roman | Asst. Inscape Editor

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When someone first hears the description of a female rock’n’roll power duo they jump to one of two extremes, either they think of middle aged roller-derby playing motorcyclists pounding out tunes loud enough to make any recreational rocker go deaf or they picture two cutesy girls who are more concerned with what they’re wearing than what they’re playing.

But the girls of Deap Vally are anything but all looks and seem to have found the fabled middle ground between marketable style and old fashion talent and skill.

Influenced heavily by old school blues and classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, these tough girls are making waves all over their hometown of Los Angeles and around the globe.

With Lindsey Troy providing the lead vocals and guitar and a bare-foot Julie Edwards on the drums in the back of this eye-catching duo, Deap Vally has garnered a lot of attention with only the release of their first EP, a simple 4 track entitled “Get Deap!”

Ironically the two hardcore girls met in a knitting class where Edwards helped Troy with her crocheting and the two bonded over their love of classic rock.

While others might crudely describe their sound as “White Stripes meets The Black Keys meets vaginas” one has to be sure not to pigeon-hole these girls as trendy knock-offs because when they start shredding it’s hard to not take them seriously.

Staying mainly in their home area the band is a regular among the classic LA venues like The Roxy and The Troubadour but have travelled as far as Japan and all over Europe to perform before their first LP has even dropped here in the United States.

The album entitled “Sistronix” (combination of the words sister and histrionics) features lead single “End of the World” which is not only a great lead in to the kick-ass album but also features Troy’s fast and sharp vexed vocals which are arguably reminiscent of Zack de la Rocha’s work in Rage Against the Machine’s legendary “Killing in the Name.”

While the second released single from the garage rock duo “Lies” offers a fast tempo and an almost pop-like repetition, Troy’s uninhibited guiter playing smacks down any argument that these girls aren’t legit.

To finish off the ever splenetic album is “Six Feet Under” a special nine minute song which takes off from a lethargic feeling-sorry-for-yourself bluesy/hard rock sound that makes feel like you belong in a sketchy motel room with a bottle of whiskey and ends in a somber yet emotional sounding tambourine track featuring Edward’s voice for a change with Troy singing backup.

With their star only rising faster and faster we know we’ll be seeing more lip-curling attitude from these lovely ladies and all I can say is I can’t wait.

“Sistronix” drops stateside on Oct. 8 and you can purchase “Get Deap!” now.

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