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Bias seeps in superdelegates

Democratic National Committee marks Clinton for the win, Sanders supporters outraged Written by David Roman It’s strange to think that a committee named for the Democratic processes that entitles every citizen to have a vote, a voice for how things are decided is so keen on doing the exact opposite to its members. But that’s

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Students left without notification of nearby shooting

The Riverside Community College District failed to inform students of an incident, which was initially reported by some to be an active shooter situation, that occurred next to the district’s new plaza.

Beach-punk girls of Bleached make waves

How Los Angeles D.I.Y. style has progressed since early ’00s David Roman | Staff Writer Nov. 13, 2014 With dreamy melodic tunes as attention grabbing as the lead singer’s pink hair, local Los Angeles indie upstarts Bleached have been making waves with their summer vintage sound that makes anyone wanna breakout in the Watusi. “It’s Friday

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Marching Tigers blow away Europe

DAVID ROMAN | AD. MANAGER While most college bands  take a break between semesters, Riverside City College’s own Marching Tigers took a trip overseas. The 10-day trip paid for by the students themselves took the 123-performer band to England and Spain to perform at various parades and shows. With students having to individually shell out $4,000 for the trip, around half the Marching Tigers had difficulties

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