A PS4 or Civil War?

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Illustrator: Celeste Walter
Illustrator: Celeste Walter

President Obama has a lot to consider this sophomore year in his second term.
Next month he could either buy Apple’s new iPhone 5s, pre-order the Playstation 4 or send his country to war?

As the American people remember the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the country embarks on yet another military action.

Civil unrest in Syria dates back to 2011 the Syrian people are still fleeing daily, by the thousands, to avoid being terrorized or even killed by their own government.

Although there has not been a personal attack on the American people there is a worldwide, humanitarian issue at hand.

The United Nations has released a report stating that sarin, a chemical weapon, was used in attacks on Aug. 21.

This is a war crime.

As the “Avengers” of the world, the United has assumed the responsibility to intervene into any unresolved international dispute.

Syria’s civil war has approached two and a half years and over 100,000 casualties according to the Associated Press.

Over six million citizens have been displaced or removed from their homes and around two million women and children have either been evacuated or fled from Syria entirely.

Viewpoints is opposed to any military action.

Wars in middle-eastern countries are never as simple as we assume.

Syria’s civil war has become tragic in its effect upon its citizens.

Every war is tragic to those involved.

And at this time there is no international threat.

As long as President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the rebels dispute within Syria’s geographical borders, then that country’s war is its own and U.S. should not intervene.

It’s obvious to assume that President Assad and his regime have abused its political authority as a government and compromised their responsibility to their citizens, but the entire Syrian issue is not so simple.

The U.S. involvement would mean aiding the rebels against Assad by providing them with intelligence and arms.

However, the rebels are not one united group with a noble cause.

The Syrian rebel assembly consists of at least seven different groups and a myriad of unorganized vigilantes from different regions – with different agendas – some even directly linked to Al-Quiada.

The disparities in intelligence regarding chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction are all too familiar in the resemblance to Sadaam Hussein, his regime, and the situation in Iraq.

Flashbacks of the war in Iraq come to mind when considering all the elements, risk, and outcomes that the U.S. involvement in Syria may entail.

The Obama campaign was heavily critical of the Bush administration’s deployment of troops into Iraq.

In such a resembling situation, we are opposed to any deployment of military action.

President Obama has a lot to consider this sophomore year in his second term.

Send his country to war— or pre-order Playstation 4.

We hope that he chooses the latter.

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