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OPINION: Vaccination hesitancy in Black community justified

By Paul Quick Some are becoming increasingly aware that African Americans are wary of the recently approved vaccines that promise to restore some sense of normalcy to their and all Americans’ lives. It is especially concerning considering how COVID-19 has ravaged our communities. Blacks often lack access to quality health care and are more likely

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Opinion: Consider a breeder next time you seek a furry friend

By Ashley Hayner If you have a pet, you can understand why animals play such a huge role in one’s life.  Many refer to their pets as family and treat them as such. Choosing your pet can be a difficult decision. You are bringing an animal into your home that you know nothing about.  Is

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Riverside candlelight vigil honors late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Erik Galicia A small crowd gathered at the Riverside County Historic Courthouse on Sept. 19 to pay their respects to a late Supreme Court justice considered a champion of women’s rights. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Sept. 18 from cancer complications at 87 years old. She served on the Supreme Court since her appointment by

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Opinion: Trump’s smears Kamala Harris with another racist “birther” hoax

By Jonathan Ramirez President Donald Trump again resorted to xenophobia and reignited the familiar “birther” conspiracy against his political opponent Kamala Harris with no basis in reality.  After Joe Biden chose Harris to be his running mate on Aug. 11, I was mentally prepared to roll my eyes at the potential racist or sexist remarks

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Clinton holds rally in Riverside

Hillary Clinton courted potential voters at UC Riverside on May 24 where she was met by a crowd of nearly 2,000 people that were in attendance to both support and protest Clinton’s message.

President honors Riverside soldiers

Maranda Shain Asst. News Editor President Obama awarded two Riverside soldiers and 22 others the Medal of Honor March 18, after years of being overlooked due to prejudice. The Army imposes a three-year limit to receive the Medal of Honor, but in 2002, an Army review was conducted under a directive from Congress’ National Defense

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‘Free Campus Tours’ talk

Lectures for success earns one student cash ARIEL WHITE | STAFF WRITER “Free Campus Tours” provided RCC with educational seminars in the RCC promenade and a $500 scholarship On Oct. 8 from 8:30-11 a.m. “We bring educational speakers to college campuses paid for by a corporate sponsor,” said Melissa Podany, free campus tours vice president. The corporate sponsors included Livewire Energy, 405 Media and Aural stimulation

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Divided we stand

As the House of Representatives and Congress continue to feud, The United States suffer the consequences of a federal government shutdown. October: the time of falling leaves, chilly winds and a federal government shutdown. It’s no secret that the House of Representatives, the Senate and President Barack Obama have a difficult time agreeing on things

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How much does Obama care?

MARK ANTHONY HOWARD | OPINIONS EDITOR I don’t know how much President Obama really cares about my health individually, but the Obamacare bill makes a convincing argument that he is at least concerned about the overall welfare of the American People. Beginning on Oct 1, individuals and families will be able to compare their options by

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A PS4 or Civil War?

President Obama has a lot to consider this sophomore year in his second term. Next month he could either buy Apple’s new iPhone 5s, pre-order the Playstation 4 or send his country to war? As the American people remember the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the country embarks on yet another military action. Civil unrest in Syria dates

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