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Riverside City College students, staff respond to Iran tensions

By Erik Galicia The United States’ recent deployment of additional military resources to the Middle East has many people worried about the possibility of a new war. “I pay a lot of taxes,” said Dariush Haghighat, a political science professor at Riverside City College. “I want my taxes to go to the community, not to

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Honor fallen veterans

Adriana Freiling | Staff Writer On Veterans Day, people from all corners of Riverside and neighboring communities came to honor our fallen Veterans at the Riverside Arlington Cemetery. Boy Scouts and troopers gave out boxes and boxes of our nation’s flag to volunteers who planted them proudly at the head of every grave site. Some individuals fell to their knees and placed a single

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A PS4 or Civil War?

President Obama has a lot to consider this sophomore year in his second term. Next month he could either buy Apple’s new iPhone 5s, pre-order the Playstation 4 or send his country to war? As the American people remember the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the country embarks on yet another military action. Civil unrest in Syria dates

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