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Remember to read the fine print

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By Cypress Calderon | Staff Writer

Sign your life away, give access to your personal information, and allow others to use you identity.

Most students don’t read the entire page of terms and services, and why would they?

Most of the time these pages long and there are several of them.

It feels like your reading a long dissertation.

However, it’s important to know what you’re up against, in case your Facebook deactivates or your playlist on iTunes is being shared with genius.

Free Trials

This simple act of typing your email in and clicking accept can allow others to access your email account.

This it how many people acquire spam and pop up viruses on their computers and laptops.

People of all ages download free trials and never read the fine print.

This could be a huge error. Without realizing it you could possibly have signed up to pay for a year after their subscription.

Returns and Exchanges

Even when buying clothing it is important to read everything!

The return policy may not be exactly what you have expected.

While purchasing that designer handbag that you’ll use once for a special event, it’s important to see that you weren’t supposed to rip the tag off.

Regardless of if you return it with the tag and the receipt if you aren’t following the guidelines, you’ll be the broke owner of a brand new handbag that you will
never use.

Daily Deal Sites

Pay attention to the fine print especially if you’re purchasing a trip to the Bahamas.

The deal may say that its only going to be $400 for a two night cruise and three days for free, but the standing condition may be you have to buy three days in the


“Sure I’ll take modeling pictures,” the first instinct of any girl with a dream to be famous.

Did the question what are these for ever occur to anyone? No.

This can be for an offensive website.

The whole idea is that you need to read the fined print.

No matter how long the statement can be it is wise to take the time and not become a victim.

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