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OPINION: Palestine needs our support

By Julio Rodriguez Sixty-six children are dead over the continued fighting between Israel and Hamas.  While in the last few days, the two sides have come to agree on a cease fire, this conflict is one that unfortunately won’t end there. Through the last few decades, the two sides have fought over each other’s right

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Sudden layoffs during pandemic show lack of appreciation for workers

By Silda Martinez While American leaders struggle with deciding when and how to reopen the economy, more than 5.2 million workers had been added to the unemployed list as of April 16. That is truly devastating. The way many industries and businesses have been handling this crisis has actually been the most infuriating part. Industries

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Views: Capitol Hill cannot stop cannabis

By Noah Lopez It’s been 50 years since the infamous Controlled Substances Act was signed into law by former president Richard Nixon, chaining the flower to the same DEA classification used for heroin. According to Galup, 66% of Americans now support nationwide legalization of cannabis for adult-use, and if the trend of the past decade

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Editorial: Measles outbreak due to falsified information spreads

  Vaccinations have become a topic of intense, unnecessary debate that has taken away from the main point: vaccinations save lives. A popular, and dangerous, myth about vaccinations is that they cause autism. This idea originated in 1998 when a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield claimed he found a link between autism and the MMR

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Opinion: In the case of Jussie Smollet, violent crimes are called into questioning

By Patrick Tindall Life as an LGBTQ person is difficult, life as an LGBTQ person of color is even more difficult. LGBTQ people constantly have to dodge homophobia and LGBTQ people of color also have to avoid the ever-present second issue of racism. Neither of which are mutually exclusive to the other and both are

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Opinion: On Civil Disobedience

By Diego Lomeli Our nation was built upon the founding principle that every citizen carries the right to voice their own opinions to the public in a non-violent manner. Civil Disobedience is the essence of free speech. It is the seed of progress, and the defender of freedom. We owe ourselves civil and organized actions

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When Community Colleges should say ‘No’


Community colleges are know for admitting nearly everyone who sends in an application. But when should these colleges be able to say no? According to Educational Code section 76020, California community colleges can “exclude students of filthy or vicious habits, or students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases.” It can be easy for schools to find their way around such a vague, undefined law.