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A ‘fountain’ fantasy

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Nishé Butler | Opinions Editor

The smell of sweet waffle cone overwhelms the senses of anyone venturing within Farrell’s ice cream parlor. In this case it is not a displeasing feeling, rather, euphoria of sight and smell.

What appears to be a local restaurant is more than that, it’s an experience.

After passing the threshold, you will be met by barrels filled with candy, instantaneously catching your attention.

Anything imaginable: suckers, gum balls, and a plethora of other various treats.

A statue of liberty stands tall to insure all are liberated in happiness, as the plaques that adorn the walls encourage their own words of wisdom.

As a gentleman dressed in early 20th century attire, complete with a boater hat, steps forward to receive you as a customer in his little world, you will most likely not stifle the smile that is instantly returned by the server.

On the journey to the table at which you will soon be placed, you pass the ice cream parlour.

This features Farrell’s special creations which include ice cream nachos and a sundae called gold digger to just name a few. Once seated, it is easy to see the effervescent enthusiasm of all the employees, ensuring that you will have a pleasurable experience.

There is up-beat music playing, drums beating, children laughing, people singing.

The menu is printed in the form of a newspaper, keeping up with the vintage tradition, and the staff participates in announcements which include hand clapping, celebration songs.

With whatever you decide to order, you will be assured by the atmosphere and employees, that you can expect a delicious meal, taken care to be hand-crafted.

“You feel as though you are part of a big happy family and our job is to enlighten every ones day and make people feel special and mainly we just want to promote love,” Farrells buser Steven Saunders said.

In addition to their simple, honest business, Farrell’s provides philanthropic services.

Recently, they held a charity for the Riverside fallen officers, and even bolstered 100 percent return to the charity.

“It is a blessing to work for a company that steps up like this, our goal is to spread happiness to the world,” general manager Robert Stolfus said.

If simply stopping by, or making a day of going to Farrell’s, you are guaranteed a unique experience.

Fantastic food, a bubbling atmosphere and an honest, local-business approach make it so that Farrell’s is the kind of establishment that can last.

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