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New spin on horror genre

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By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

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By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

It’s highly recommended that if the reader has not seen “Cabin in the Woods,” they should stop what they’re doing and go see it, because it was great.
Not knowing anything about it was 50 percent of what made it so enjoyable.
That being said, this movie was mind blowing.
It starts off unusually, introducing the villains, then continues on to introduce the characters.
Thank God they introduced our heroes; the number one issue about horror movies is they never offer teenagers the viewers can care about while they wait for them to be slaughtered. In “The Cabin in the Woods,” fans didn’t want them to die.
The movie progresses in an intentionally traditional fashion.
They come across a creepy old man telling them it’s a bad idea to go into that cabin. They go anyway.
There’s a lot of teenage antics, including sex, drugs, and loud music, but nothing too crazy.  There was plenty of clever dialogue and classy filming.
Then they find some shady antiques that raise the “zombie redneck torture family” from their graves, and the murdering blood frenzy begins.
The movie develops a sense of humor that makes all the recycled material original.
Everything that happens to the heroes is organized and controlled by a mysterious organization that appears otherwise harmless, like normal office workers. These are the comic reliefs.
And let’s just say the movie is an emotional roller coaster. It jumps back and forth without warning from scary to funny to creepy to lovable, repeat, and not necessarily in that order.
The end of the movie gets so gleefully chaotic with horror stereotypes, viewers don’t even know where to begin.
It seems in many ways that the movie was made by horror fans.
It appears that the cabin in the movie was the same one used in the “Evil Dead” movies, or it was at least meant to look that way.
When the movie ends, the viewer will have a lot of questions, but they honestly don’t matter. Maybe it’s the chaotic ending or the comedic side that makes otherwise valid questions about everything going on irrelevant, but the point is that the questions take a far backseat to the ride.
This movie was a good time, if a horror movie can ever be described that way.
“The Cabin In The Woods” has a lot to offer its audience, especially those who are into the genre. For everyone else, you may not want this to be your first horror movie.

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