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ASRCC fires up the grill

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By Karissa Rivera / Staff Writer

Welcome back (Frank Acosta / Staff Photographer)

By Karissa Rivera / Staff Writer

Riverside City College student government held a welcome back barbecue on Sept. 8 for the returning and incoming students.

Hot dogs, cold water, and music were a perfect way to start off a hot day with the new fall semester just beginning.

In front of the Quadrangle, students waited in line to receive their hot dogs and drinks while others lounged under the shade to relax and enjoy the music being played on the front steps of the Martin Luther King Learning and Resource Center.

An open microphone was also set up in front of the building for students to voice their concerns to student government.

“This was a nice way to start the new term for everyone,” said RCC student Andrew Picon. “I heard free and hot dogs together, who could pass up that kind of offer?”

It was a great way for students to take a break and fill up their appetite in between classes, and something else was getting filled up pretty quickly as well.

A petition was set up at the tables for students to sign to bring Prop 1481 on the ballot this upcoming election year.

Prop 1481 is the oil extraction fee bill which will help retrieve money for education from crude oil that is drilled from California’s onshore and offshore if it passes.

Since California in the last few years has cut $20 billion from students education, according to Rescue Education California members, it has left students with a hole in their pockets trying to pay for student fees.

By pushing this petition California hopes to raise $3 billion a year for education, kindergarten through college, according to Rescue Education California members.

“There are so many times that we complain about budget cuts and class cuts that now here is a opportunity for students to get involved to sign the petition to get some funding,” said Doug Figueroa, Supreme Court Justice.

Student government hosting of the welcome back BBQ shows the RCC students that there is a student government here on campus to help about any questions or concerns, especially to the new incoming students.  

“We serve the students,” said Nick Lotorto, Student Senator. “We are basically their watchdogs to make sure things happen right and students get their education.”

Some felt the barbecue was a way of an apology, but a good social event.  

“I feel that this barbecue is kind of like a way of saying were sorry from student government about the student fees, and even though they didn’t do it, they are trying to help,” said RCC student David Piedra. “Other than that I never mind a good barbecue.”

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