Obama releases birth certificate again, enough gossip

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By Diana Gutierrez / Staff Writer

Rumor mill (whitehouse.gov)

By Diana Gutierrez / Staff Writer

Rumors spread like wildfire. This is particularly true if you are a famous person with a lot of news coverage or you happen to be the president of the United States.

President Obama was obligated to defend his citizenship by releasing his Hawaiian birth certificate, declaring the country has “better stuff to do”.

Surprising the media with the announcement, the President also asked the “sideshows and carnival barkers” to drop the matter and said that “a segment of people” would continue to be displeased with the subject.

President Obama’s campaign released a shorter version of his birth certificate in 2008. Apparently, it was not enough for a vast majority of the country that turned his citizenship into the “dominant news story”.

It seems like President Obama is the only president that has been constantly questioned about his citizenship.  After years of presidency the subject should have been dropped.

The President is right in being upset at what Americans decide to focus on. With deficit and debt challenging our futures, there are more important things to worry about.

It’s not hard to jump right in and judge the President for even taking time to release his birth certificate, but honestly most people would have done the same thing.

There are still a lot of people who are resentful that Obama became president, but whether or not one likes his presidency is a personal feeling.

It is hard to believe that our national security would allow a man not born in the United States to even run for president.

Accusing President Obama that he is not a citizen is an insult to the nation. In a subtle way, those people who are still in disbelief are saying that the national security is not smart enough to handle small issues.

If the people in charge of checking the presidents’ citizenship let it slip through their fingers, what other matters have been neglected as well?

While it may have taken time and attention from the issues that are most important, it definitely was necessary for President Obama to do so.

It must have taken a press day, or a couple of hours to explain why he was showing his birth certificate, but it was helpful.

Clearly, it shows that the President understands that its little things that count. If he let that rumor keep spreading it would only get bigger and become a more annoying problem.

As a nation, any matter pertaining to the president is important. The president is in charge of the country and anything he does or says should be considered.

The fact he had already released this information should make the harassing Americans embarrassed.

For the people who were causing commotion over the matter, it’s hard to tell if this will finally silence them. Most of them were looking for attention and got exactly that.

Hopefully it proved to the majority of the complainers that Obama is a United States Citizen and they will leave the issue alone.

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