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All star rappers come to Riverside

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By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

Rock the state (Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief )

By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

Rap music invaded Riverside April 30 as rising stars and a legend rocked UC Riverside.

“Spring Splash” hosted by Associated Students Program Board at UCR, started in the afternoon and carried on until the evening while Nipsey Hussle, Brother Ali, Curren$y and Big Boi from Outkast took turns rocking the crowd.

Nipsey Hussle, a signed rapper to Cinematic/Epic Records, started the party by singing some of his well known songs including requests by fans.

The crowd was light as people filled the open lawn where the stage laid in the middle of the campus near the UCR Bell Tower while Nipsey Hussle entertained the early arrivals.

After Nipsey Hussle’s time was up, Brother Ali was up next as he enteratained the crowed with his lyrical fast rhythms and positive messages of respecting one another and being comfortable with one’s self.

Brother Ali interacted with the audience as he praised the hot California weather. He said California had everything including beautiful women in summer dresses in the middle of spring.

While the crowd grew larger amid the anticipation of the arrival of Big Boi, Curren$y moved the crowd with his free-styling rap skills and songs from his new album.

While Big Boi was late for his performance, the hosts of the show entertained the crowd by having a “dougie” dance contest.

“Dougie” is a new dance the youth has created based on the stage persona of rap legend Doug E. Fresh and involves moving your shoulders side to side in a unique way where people can appreciate your style of dancing like that.

The six hour concert was closed out when Big Boi finally jumped on stage and brought the campus down performing some of Outkast’s biggest hits including “The Whole World,” “Sorry Ms. Jackson,” “Roses” and “I Like the Way You Move.”  

The Santa Ana winds blew the herbal smell in the air as people bobbed their heads to the loud music echoing across the campus where it was heard all the way from the 60 freeway.

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