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RCC female student violated in restroom

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By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

A warning has been issued to students at Riverside City College after a female student encountered an African-American male in a RCC women’s restroom.

On Jan. 5 approximately around 7:30 p.m. a female student went into a restroom located inside the Quadrangle at the Riverside campus during a class break where she came across a male who was hiding in one of the bathroom stalls with a cell phone camera pulled out.

The female told RCC police she was using the restroom when she looked down and saw a camera phone by her feet coming out of the stall next to her.

She then ran out of the restroom and stood by her classroom which was across from the restroom and waited for the male to come out.

She was not harm or assaulted outside the restroom but she managed to get a look of the suspect and reported the incident to the RCC police after her class ended.

The female described the African-American male to be 5’11” and 170 pounds with long messy hair in a partial ponytail.

The suspect was last seen in a white baseball cap, a light colored jacket with many patches of many colors on it along with light jeans.

RCC police searched the area around the restroom but were unable to locate the suspect.

Students are asked to look out for this suspect and report anything suspicious activity around RCC restrooms to the RCC police at 951-222-8171 or call 911.

* Viewpoints will continue to cover this incident as the developing updates come in.

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