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Warriors on wheels entertain

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By Stephanie Holland

By Stephanie Holland

The Prison City Derby Dames’ roller derby team is the ultimate example of women who are not afraid to be themselves.

They are role models of what the world would be like if young women grew up in a judgment free environment.

They are women from a different time; instead of a roller derby track, imagine them in the gladiator arena or on the field of battle.

These ladies are what parents should want their daughters to grow up and be: strong, confident and fearless.

Prison City was founded by players Great Dame, Slamcake, Amyzon and Selacidal when their Orange County league split up in 2007.

After all the other leagues were found to be too far away, Prison City was born.

“I tend to be the mothering type and all the kids wanted something, so I made it my mission to make it happen, with all their help, of course,” Great Dame said.

Though they’re a relatively new team they often play against more established, veteran teams.

“When it comes to skating against the more established teams, we work just as hard and strategize,” Great Dame said. “Every game brings us new knowledge that we use and put into play the next time.”

This was the case May 2 when Prison City took on the LA Derby Dolls team, the Varsity Brawlers.

LA has been playing a lot longer than Prison City and this was the Brawlers first time skating on a flat track, so this promised to be a good match up.

On game day, the skaters do everything from setting up chairs for the crowd to selling tickets and preparing the track.

The event is a homegrown operation with a family atmosphere, as die hard fans mingle in the crowd with the family and friends of players.

The game starts with player introductions that the WWE would be proud of.

Every player has an outrageous nickname and is given an equally outrageous introduction.

In roller derby, points are scored when the jammer passes players on the opposing team after making one full lap of the track.

Of course, the blockers are trying everything in their power to prevent the jammer from scoring, and that’s where the physicality comes in.

Once the game got going, the Brawlers jumped to an early lead with two high scoring jams and then they use a strong defense to prevent Prison City from scoring.

Prison City never recovered from their early deficit and at halftime the score was Brawlers 74, Prison City 19.

In the second half, the Brawlers continued their assault by blocking many of Prison City’s scoring attempts.

“They held a very good wall,” said Prison City jammer Nutcase.

With a final score of Brawlers 115, Prison City 40, it was clearly not the Derby Dames’ night.

However, even with a score that lopsided, the players still showed an incredible amount of camaraderie by congratulating one another and even posing for pictures.

“Derby girls are not so much in competition with each other…but more of a unique sisterhood where everyone wants to see everyone else get better,” Great Dame said.

With speed and agility skills that rival the fittest soccer players and physicality that would make a football player flinch, the Prison City Derby Dames are proof that roller derby has never gone out of style.

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