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Stop the remake madness!

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By Adrian Pascua

BOO ! (Warner Brothers Pictures)

By Adrian Pascua

Hollywood is thoroughly destroying everything I love.

The torrent of trash that Hollywood has managed to put out in the last few months has been non-stop.

There isn’t a movie out there right now about a video game, comic book or cartoon that has been done well.

I really don’t think that Hollywood is trying anymore. It’s like they all stand in a circle sipping there mocha lattes saying, “Hey remember that awesome movie from the ’80s?”

Then a horrible light bulb goes off.

“Yeah, maybe we should remake a movie and kill it. While we’re ruining it, let’s see who’ll go see it and make some money off of it at the same time.”

Starting with “G.I. Joe,” a popular cartoon and toy among all of us who are old enough to remember them; movies based on these kinds of things just seem to be put out there so we can see how bad they really are.

Hollywood has seemingly decided to just live off everything that has been done and try and make it their own with the eminent release of the movie.

It seems like a good idea, but with the horrid comic book to movie or video game to movie releases that have been released thus far, I hold no hope for the film that will be all kinds of screwed up.

“Friday the 13th” was a great first movie that brought about ten sequels which then spawned a remake of this year’s same titled “Friday the 13th.”

I guess that being stabbed in the head with a machete was so needed that it had it to be updated for modern audiences.

It’s best that I tell you that there isn’t any humanity left in those damned writers and directors. Hollywood probably feels it’s just too much to leave it alone and let something that’s already good be good.

I’m guessing since the economy is bad right now, writers think they can put out crap and people will spend the money to go see it.

What’s more is that there are billions upon billions that go into the entertainment industry just put out crap.

Speaking of crap, plans are in place to remake “The Karate Kid.” Starring Jaden “I’m Will Smith’s son” Smith.

The mentor role made famous by Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi is rumored to be played by Jackie Chan. Way to kill the memory of someone and kill my childhood in one go.

Other movies that are going to be remade soon include Stephen King’s “It,” “Clue,” “Nightmare on Elm Street” and this summer’s “The Taking of Pelham 123.”

It really must be too much to ask just put out a decent movie. I mean almost anything would do, but saying that might mean the making of “Titanic 2.”

It’s like Hollywood has given up on using original ideas and started doing remakes to leech off the ideas of others.

I understand that is the Hollywood standard, but I think we’re all just a little tired of having a movie hyped up only to be let down by how much the movie didn’t live up to its expectation.

If there is anyone out there has an a original movie idea that doesn’t suck, please sell it to Hollywood, they need it more than you.

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